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Are Pastels a Good Colour Choice For Home decor?

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Are Pastels a Good Colour Choice For Home decor?

Pastel colours have been a popular choice for home decor and accessories for many years.

Using Less saturated colours is an excellent way to introduce a variety of colours into your home and keep a clean, fresh style to your interior. For inspiration, look to nature. Think about soft pink rose petals, the delicate green patina on a sage leaf, or a pale blue winter sky. You can use several colours in one room without it clashing or becoming too busy.

Pastel bloom Home Decor by edge of the Meadow

Pastel colours are associated with being calm and tranquil. Nature prints and patterns in soft pastel colours promotes a feeling of well-being, and fulfils our desire to connect with nature. Spending more time at home during the pandemic has led to an increase in creating space to relax, do yoga, meditate to switch off from clutter, and tune in to a more straightforward way of life. Bedrooms, bathrooms and nursery rooms instantly become restful with the use of soothing colours and botanical patterns.

Pastel Shades used in small areas become functional colour accents to highlight rich dark tones. For example, a pale pink pastel lampshade looks magical next to a deep teal wall. Blush tones mixed with vibrant reds and orange create a playful, elegant mood. Mint green paired with mid grey or chalky white offers a refreshing alternative to neutrals for updating interiors that require cooler colour tones. There are lots of ways to combine pastel colours and patterns to make your home decor stand out. I've put together a look book to show how fabrics and wallpaper from my pastel Bloom collection look insitu.

View our Pastel Bloom Look Book Here

Edge of the Meadow Pastel Bloom look Book


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