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The Inspiration Behind Our Ice Reflect Printed Scarf

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The Inspiration Behind Our Ice Reflect Printed Scarf

Wrap up warm!

The limited edition silk wraps I design are one off prints.  Each one has been carefully designed to create a different look depending on how it's draped around the body. I balance geometric shapes from urban settings with patterns in nature to bring together country and city living.  Here are some examples of how you can wear our Ice Reflect Scarf, and the inspiration behind the pattern.

The print for this Silk Wrap is inspired from delicate intricate frost patterns that developed on my car windscreen overnight. I I have used silvery grey, black and white tones with a wash of icy blues and cool yellows seen in winter skies. In the picture below, the scarf is worn draped showing the pattern in it's entirety, a dramatic to way to wear it as a statement piece over a plain block of colour. The deep indigo ombre border adds colour to a predominantly monotone colour way and suggests deep icy water or mid winter nights. 


The design composition for each silk scarf has been carefully planned, so you can experiment with showing different areas of print to flatter and compliment your outfit. Silk habotai fabric is as soft as velvet and fine, so it can be folded and wrapped around several times without being bulky and keep you super warm. Below we have shortened it to show a glimpse of the silvery frost pattern and more of that gorgeous indigo border. A perfect way to add interest to a tailored or denim jacket and keep the chill off!


The design just above the Indigo border was inspired from structured patterns inside car headlights. Next time you are bored in a traffic jam, see if you can notice shapes and lines within the lights. Experiment with wrapping and tucking the scarf to create swathes of light for a contemporary feel.


And last but not least the back of your outfit need not be neglected. If you wear it like this, the symmetry of the pattern in the middle section is 

pleasingly balanced and flattering, whilst the flowing length of the wrap at the front looks elegant.