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Choose a fabric suitable for reupholstering chairs, or making cushions, curtains and lampshades. Textile prints used for home decor are designed on a large scale and printed onto hard-wearing fabrics. 


Fabrics are available to order by the meter, fat quarter, or a 20 cm x 20 cm sample, to try before ordering larger quantities. Designs are digitally printed onto fabrics by a team of highly skilled production partners in London and dispatched directly to the customer. 

If a different material is required, please email me. I can source up 75 other fabrics, including waterproof textiles, and vegan leather!

Digital printing is eco friendly. It uses around 95 % less energy than traditional screen printing and requires no water in the printing process. There is no ink waste or residue from production. On-demand printing means efficient use of fabric and stock.

Allow approximately two weeks for the order to be printed and shipped in the UK and six weeks for international deliveries.

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