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Kitchenware & Children’s Aprons For A Cottage Core Vibe At Home

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Kitchenware & Children’s Aprons For A Cottage Core Vibe At Home




The Rise Of Cottage Core Aesthetics

The global pandemic has paved the way for wide-scale remote work, and this has helped many families realise how much they would love to lead a simpler lifestyle. Living in the countryside, surrounded by nature, is a dream that many professionals have, especially when it comes to raising children. With more outdoor space and opportunities to build memories together, the cottage core aesthetic grows in popularity.

People living in towns and cities can still achieve the cottage core trend through kitchenware. By investing in baking equipment, adorable children's aprons, Kilner clip-top jars, and traditional Mason bowls, you can transform any kitchen into a relaxing place to unwind, bake cookies and enjoy a morning cup of coffee.

Edge of the Meadow's New Kitchenware Collection

Our new kitchenware collection offers baking enthusiasts an opportunity to add charm and the beauty of nature’s colour and pattern into their home. Be prepared for a rainy day, and treat your kitchen to a cottage core make-over with Edge of the Meadow floral apronsheat-resistant double oven gloves, and bold botanical geometric printed tea towels.

Cottage Floral Tea Towels


         With a retro twist, take a walk down memory lane, rediscover childhood memories of baking fairy cakes, and the smell of cookies fresh out of the oven. A particular pattern, colour-scheme, or children's apron can instantly conjure up fond memories of time spent at home and in the kitchen, the heart of the home, a place where food is comforting to bake, taste and share.

The joy of family baking  

Edge of the Meadow Oven Gloves and Tea Towels

  The Joy Of Family Baking

 If you have little ones at home, make sure to spend time in the kitchen together. Treat them to their very own children's apron from our new kitchenware collection and inspire their imagination by baking and decorating cakes. Teaching children how to read and follow recipes, mix ingredients, and bake delicious food are essential life skills. As a significant part of learning how to become independent and self-sufficient, food hygiene and cooking skills are crucial lessons to teach your children.

Cooking together


Cooking also can provide opportunities to get hands-on and creative. Building up their confidence in the kitchen and baking as a family is a device-free activity that will help strengthen your relationship too. So make their childhood more magical and cook up a storm in a cottage core inspired kitchen!  






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