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About Anjali




About the Brand

Edge of the Meadow is a boutique brand specialising in printed kitchen textiles. I design textile prints which are  digitally printed onto organic cotton panama fabric and made into aprons, oven gloves and tea towels. I work with digital printers and manufacturers in England to ensure that every item is beautifully made to a high standard. Each collection is carefully designed to bring style and colour to your kitchen decor.  The range is produced in small batches. A new collection will only go into production when a previous one has sold out. Packaging is kept to a bare minimum.   


About me

I am a textile designer based in the UK, passionate about designing beautiful print and pattern for fabrics.

My print designs feature nature inspired patterns from the surrounding Hampshire countryside, combined with bright colours inspired by my Indian heritage. I use sketches and photography to capture beautiful images and patterns seen in nature and explore the images using digital manipulation. Through this process, a unique collection of print & pattern evolves. 

EDGE OF THE MEADOW embraces eclectic style, and seeks to harmonise contrasting themes and concepts. Inspired by elegant, vintage, and bold retro patterns, the collections feature striking geometric shapes balanced with delicate organic forms. The result is a print or pattern that can hold its own, or be part of a collection within a dynamic range of settings.




 Edge of the Meadow is a member of ACID