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Oven Gloves

Uplift your culinary experience with our vibrant Organic Cotton Oven Gloves featuring an exclusive teasel print design. These nature-inspired gloves are visually appealing and highly functional, making them a perfect addition to your kitchen or a thoughtful housewarming gift. Constructed with organic cotton and soft terry towelling on the reverse, our oven gloves promise superior insulation, protecting your hands at high temperatures. Each glove is meticulously designed to balance a colourful aesthetic with high-quality craftsmanship and ease of use for cooks and chefs alike. All our kitchen textiles are ethically produced in the UK, using a small-batch production approach to ensure exclusivity and minimise waste. These Organic Cotton Oven Gloves are more than just a kitchen accessory; they embody a commitment to sustainable living and a love for exuberant, nature-inspired design. Oven Gloves are an essential accessory for AGA cooking and make lovely gifts for friends and family.