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Eco Pledge

Edge of the Meadow's Eco Pledge 

Edge of the Meadow began in 2013 out of love for the beauty of our natural environment. Since then, I've taken thousands of photos documenting beautiful nature and wildlife to inspire my designs. Sadly I have noticed a change in the quality and range of flora and fauna over the years, mainly due to climate change. It is heartening to see businesses turning things around to save our planet. Here is what we are doing:

Our carbon footprint is low because our production partners are UK-based. Designing from home minimises the need to use fuel to travel. I can even walk to the post office to fulfil orders! I only use biodegradable envelopes for postage and keep the packaging to a minimum.

How is digital printing eco-friendly?

Digital printing uses less water and energy than traditional fabric printing methods. Digital printers use the exact amount of ink required ensuring no waste or environmental pollution, making digital fabric printing a sustainable, eco-friendly production method.

Independent businesses benefit from digital printing because of low minimums, allowing designers to produce small batches, which leads to less excess stock.

The Benefits of Organic Cotton

Organic cotton is a more sustainable option than standard cotton. Organic cotton is grown and harvested with consideration for the community and the environment. Frequently rotating the crop preserves the soil and plants' quality, reducing the need for more water. Organic cotton is free from harmful chemicals, which encourages biodiversity. Farmers need to adhere to eco-friendly regulations whilst growing organic crops which means better working conditions for the community and a healthier environment for nature and wildlife to flourish. Organic cotton is softer than standard cotton and, without harsh chemicals, is less likely to cause skin allergies, making it a popular choice for babies and children.